Cart Surfer

Right at the bottom are the complete tips and cheats to getting a lot of Club Penguin coins with the game Cart Surfing. Inside the Mine Shack, you can play the game known as Cart Surfer.


How to play Cart Surfing:

Placed in the Mine at the Underground, in Cart Surfer you will speed along a mine track in a cart. Earn points for the more tricks you do; use the keyboard arrows and spacebar to try out new trick combinations. Cart Surfer is a single-player game. It is a good game to play if you want to earn a lot of coins in a short period of time.

Cart Surfing Cheats:

Don’t do any same trick twice. You will get half the amount of points than you would get usually. Go back and forth between the back flip by pressing the down arrow then space bar for 100 points, then do the spin by pressing space bar then left or right arrow.


When turning around corners, be sure to press the down arrow and the direction that you have to turn. You will get more points. Or this is also known as grinding.

Crash on purpose. You will get more time to play. When you crash 3 times do not crash again on that level or you will lose the game. This is helpful because it will give you more time trying to get a better score (and a high one)

Longer Track:

Try to crash on perpous occasionally. It gives you more time to ride on the track which gets you a lot more coins that completing the whole track without crashing.


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