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About milkshake527

Hi. I'm Milkshake527. This is meh blog! I also have a youtube, Milkshake527. On here I will try to give you guys sneak peaks of CPMV's, cheats, or just random stuff to talk about on Club Penguin or out of Club Penguin. I hope you catch my blog sometime! I would really like people to see it. Bye guys! ~Milkshake527~ :P

How to do the Moonwalk on Club Penguin!

Hey guys, its Milkshake here.  Well today I felt like showing a glitch I have known for a while. This is how to do the moonwalk on Club Penguin! Heres how. First, you have to go to the Town or … Continue reading

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I have just joined this website!

Hi! I am Milkshake527. I am a friend of Gokhan137, and an author on this website! I will be posting soon! 🙂

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