How to do the Moonwalk on Club Penguin!

Hey guys, its Milkshake here.  Well today I felt like showing a glitch I have known for a while. This is how to do the moonwalk on Club Penguin! Heres how.

First, you have to go to the Town or Plaza and go to the area by your friends list.

Second, click on the left path, the one to get to the “Snow Forts”

Third, now, quickly click the newspaper and X out. If you move your mouse the right, you will be moonwalking!


About milkshake527

Hi. I'm Milkshake527. This is meh blog! I also have a youtube, Milkshake527. On here I will try to give you guys sneak peaks of CPMV's, cheats, or just random stuff to talk about on Club Penguin or out of Club Penguin. I hope you catch my blog sometime! I would really like people to see it. Bye guys! ~Milkshake527~ :P
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